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The Thomas Wall Trust (Walls Ice cream) provide grants for registered charities and individuals.

The Registered Charity Grants Programme aims to support people with an emphasis on building confidence, knowledge and skills, and therefore increasing prospects of employment.

They offer grants of up to £5K towards specific projects or core activities that support that literacy, numeracy, digital and additional skills for learning that are likely to assist employment prospects.  The Trust recognises that the future of the labour market will become increasingly competitive, with employers placing greater emphasis on transferable skills.

Eligibility criteria include a requirement that the  charity has been registered with the Charity Commission for at least three years and has a turnover that does not exceed £500K.

They will fund:

projects or running costs for a charity that equips people (aged 11years and over) with the skills ready for employment

annual repeat funding for up to 3 years – subject to satisfactory annual reviews of progress and impact.

They prioritise:

Match funded projects

Charities that can provide compelling evidence of impact

Charities working with collaborative networks

Self-sustaining projects, with a view to becoming less reliant on grants in the future.

They have a 2 stage application process – stage one is to complete a short expression of interest – if successful you will be invited to complete a more detailed stage two application  including a Project Plan (a template is available).

Deadline for the Registered Charity Grants Programme Expression of Interest is 3rd September 2021 – funding will become available in November 2021.

The Individual Grants Programme aims to support motivated adults to undertake education and training that will increase their chances of employment.  They offer grants of up to £1,500 to undertake accredited vocational training up to level 3 and a contribution towards other costs associated with studying.

Grantees can apply for upto £1500 towards course fees and other costs which enable studying  such as  child care, travel and mobility and accessible study materials.

Individual may re-apply if their course lasts for more than a year.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Aged 18+ and unemployed for at least 6 months within the last 2 years
  • Are experiencing financial or other challenges such as disability, trauma, mental health issues, carers responsibilities, care leaver, carers responsibilities.  (this is not the full list so check the website).
  • There are also household income limits – according to size of family so again please check the website for the full criteria.
  • Priority is given to people with;
  • Little or no past work experience
  • Lack of school qualifications

Applications that demonstrate a realistic plan to seek employment

Courses that provide support and advice into employment

There are also a list of criteria that will disqualify your application – some of which are around the type of course or your existing qualifications – so again check the website for full details.

Deadline for the Individual Grants Programme – the grant programme is open all year round and is awarded on a first come first served basis.   They aim to process applications within 8 weeks.  Applications need to be supported by a referee – such as a support worker, tutor or employment advisor.

Although this is not strictly a funder – it looks like a really,  really useful service…